Friday, May 18, 2007

Ron Paul is Gandalf 

Ron Paul is a real grassroots phenom. His bid at a Presidential nomination is going very well considering his start. The Digg effect really seems to be in play. I Dugg these this morning.

Article: I don't agree with Pat Buchanan on many topics, but his article about the Republican debates was spot on.

Video: Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Bayheart come to Ron's defense on the view.

Pic: Ron Paul is Gandalf

Video: Educating Rudy

Article: It's OK if Ron Paul is Right

Article: "Rudy boasts 'I was on the ground on 9/11'. Just what we need now, another 'Mission Accomplished' joker. Ooooooh! Scary big guy strolled around in the rubble, posing for the cameras. Why so? Because his Command and Control Center was unavailable to him. Against sound advice after the '93 bombing, he chose to maintain this critical security asset in the World Trade Center.

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