Thursday, January 12, 2006

Vanderpool, OSX and Jobs 

It is possible that with Intel's new Vanderpool Technology, the Operating System(OS) as we know it, is doomed. Any software vendor with the capital and/or the expertise could use their own custom OS. One that boots alongside any other OS at any time, day or night. Has Steve Jobs recognized the potential impact of a paradigm shift in the nature of OS's circa 2005. The affect on Apple's, and everyone else's, OS could be dramatic ? Yesterday, Apple announced that Mac's have started shipping with Intel processors. Prior to this there was plenty of speculation, and justifiable IMHO, that Jobs is concerned that the Mac OS luster would be tarnished if it was spread around on cheap PC hardware by the grabastic PC horde's. Jobs has always been very protective of every Mac OS. What may have changed his mind to make him decide that the risk of Apple's prized OSX being pilfered to run on cheap Intel-based PC's is less than the risk of every OS' value decrease after Vanderpool and similar technologies. Some vendors will be able to afford to brew their own special blend of OS components while others will not have the capital nor the expertise to roll their own. There will be third-parties that will provide every level of service available for anyone looking to 'boot' their own OS instead of using Win/Linux/OSX, u-name-it. A custom OS can provide many advantages ranging from speed to reliability to look-and-feel. Not only will there be 3rd-party developers-for-hire there will of course be myriad, open source projects. Apple's OSX is actually very open source-like. If the multi-OS ecosystem ever achieves anything similar to that described in this paragraph then it is possible for the value of OSX to diminish regardless of the pilfering by the PC rabble. "Better to lead than follow" my Granpappy used to always say. Take the sting out of the fundamental changes in the OS by getting cozy with Intel and influencing the future direction of computing in a broad-sense. And it makes sense that Apple could benefit greatly in the digital lifestyle if they can create an iPod-like love affair with Mac-centric media creation/storage/playback. If Apple and Intel start selling as many home media centers as the iPod then they could both enjoy very nice sales growth.



They should just have 2 types of operating systems. UNIX with a nice graphics wrapper if wanted and then one for the rest of the people that saves them from themselves.

By Blogger Bob, at 7:18 PM  

Bob, the unix system with a nice graphic wrapper is exactly what they do have. And it's the closest to saving people from themselves so far in terms of not confusing them. However no operating system currently available will keep people unfamiliar with that OS from doing "dumb" things or messing things up. No such OS exists.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM  

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