Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vanderpool, where are you ? 

After my discovery of the variety of application-specific Linuxes available I imagined a few other things. I could boot several OS sessions at the same time or one at a time. I could maybe even boot the same OS multiple times( M$ and Apple will probably want a separate license for each concurrent session though) Nonetheless, there is a need for several versions of the same OS beyond the different application-specific versions as in Linux today. The same OS could be "installed" several times with different sets of drivers, registries, startups, etc. This should be possible due to the nature of the fact that mutliple OS's will have to co-exist in a system. Be they on the same disk or be they on mutliple drives, they will have to share the same resources concurrently, and therefore must tolerate multiple OS installations. Several installations of the same OS would therefore follow. Whether or not M$ nor Apple like it, someone will try it and someone will eventually succeed and publish their method, and so on and so forth...

Another thing I imagined is a feeling of confidence that I can install the latest, possibly beta, video driver into my game session without worrying that if there is a conflict with something else, Media Player for example, it won't bring the system to it's knees. I can just boot my always handy, always works utility session. In this case, if I don't use Media Player in the game session anyway, I'm not losing anything. Also, I can install one version of drivers into an Everquest session and another set into a Call of Duty session if one finds a problem with the beta drivers in one game and not the other. Furthermore, I suspect that game developers can optimize the drivers to match their game's engine.



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