Friday, February 24, 2006

Should the government have protected the buggy whip manufacturers after the advent of the automobile ? 

People's Daily Online -- Roundup: media convergence opens new perspective to solve piracy: scholar

Even the Bit-Torrent (BT or peer-to-peer) file-sharing program used by the pirates to download film copy will be useful to make more money.

The BT program has attracted a huge number of online pirates, for it always speeds up the piracy procedure for each movie when there're more people downloading the same copy at the same time.

Though having caused a headache for authorities, the big number of people using the technology also provides a huge untapped market for advertisements and other form of intellectual products that can use the Internet as a vehicle, said Yu.

Yu also doubted the feasibility of the catch-and-sue procedure currently used to bust online piracy, given the difficulty of identifying online pirates and the fast growth of technology innovation.

"We need to change the basic business model, the traditionally production and distribution system," said the scholar, adding "the technology development is always faster than the change of law."

Yu thus urged the entertainment industry to look beyond their intellectual products but make good use of the cross media convergence to earn profits.

Using the film industry to elaborate the idea, Yu noted that the Star Wars series produced by Hollywood made billions of dollars in selling music, souvenirs and toys based on the movie, much more than the box office income.

Furthermore, Yu questioned the direction for media development. Society advancement and technology development should guarantee public access to good intellectual products, he said.

"Good intellectual products should be enjoyed by the public for free or a low cost, the same as library and museum," he told Xinhua.



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