Sunday, April 23, 2006

Viiv needs some Viivarin 


Intel's Hard-to-Define Viiv Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

"Viiv (pronounced like 'five')..."

"On a typical Viiv box, Hewlett-Packard's Pavilion m7360y, it amounts to a smattering of free Web video clips and discounts on online music, movie and game rentals -- plus a nifty rainbow-hued Viiv sticker on the front of the computer."

"Quick Resume doesn't actually put a Viiv computer in any sleep mode; it just turns off the display and speakers while barely affecting the rest of the machine. (You can provide a decent approximation of it by pressing the power button on your monitor.)"

"All of the Viiv-exclusive content that I found on this HP required lengthy program installations that temporarily punted me out of the remote control-driven Media Center interface. (Apparently the concept of preloading this software eluded the folks at Intel and HP.) The rewards for this work were surpassingly lame."

"The subsequent download seemed to stall out when the HP-bundled Norton Internet Security firewall warned that 'EntriqMediaServer' was a high-risk program that it should always block.Naturally, that was a Viiv component."

"Intel says Viiv will mean much more in the future."

"And we may also see smaller Viiv computers that depart from standard-issue PC design. But in the meantime, Intel is only embarrassing itself with its half-witted hucksterism for Viiv."



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